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Re-engineering & Migration

What we do

Whitepel re-ineering and migration service offering helps organisations to consolidate on fewer platforms and integrate applications more effectively. This may involve migrations across platforms, databases and operating systems. whitepel can also re-engineer your applications in response to changes in regulations or other environmental factors

WhitePEl uses a tool-based approach to reengineering and migration projects. whitepel has experience with a variety of tools to support specific re-engineering activities. Tools are either sourced off-the shelf or built in-house. Well defined methodologies integrate the use of tools to automate re-engineering tasks such as transformation and testing leads to faster delivery schedules and greater accuracy.


Re-engineering & Migration overview

The software migration process is full of pitfalls you can avoid if you entrust it to whitepel team. We will find the most suitable and efficient method to migrate your software or data with saving time and expenses. We deal with both data and application migration. Data migration means transferring data between various computer systems. Application migration is transmitting software onto a new tech stack. The problems of outdated software are lack of documentation and decreased software competitiveness and attractiveness.

  • Post-migration maintenance
  • Optimized and updated product
  • Cost-effective software
  • Minimizing the business risks
  • Meeting the latest market requirements
  • 24X7 Assistance
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At WhitePel, we are focused on providing software services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

  • We believe it’s not just about delivering solutions, it’s also about delivering top quality solutions within time and budget.
  • Our development and delivery processes help us closely monitor progress, increase predictability and plan better.

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