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Maintenance & Support

What we do

Both big and small IT companies spend a lion's share of their budget on in-house maintenance, correction and upgrading of software. It also takes up a lot of company resources and designated work hours of the employees, taking attention away from core business activities. This inconvenience can be easily dealt by the companies with the simple act of outsourcing.

For around two decades, WhitePel has been catering to large global conglomerates as well as local software vendors in maintenance and support services of the technologies they develop. We channelize our resources to provide fool-proof, real-time and long-term software maintenance and support services, to take that burden off your busy shoulders.


Maintenance & Support overview

We provide basic and advanced software support services. Our technicians have experience maintaining the software after the project completion, supporting legacy systems, or software products developed by other vendors. In a broader sense, our software maintenance services include -

  • Ongoing Supports
  • Adaptive Enhancements
  • Perfective Upgrades
  • Technical Improvements
  • Software Enhancements
  • Regular Upgrades
  • Real-time Support
  • Technical Modifications
  • Helpdesk Assistance
  • Functionality integration
  • BPO Support
  • Other Custom Support
Why us

Why people choose us

At WhitePel, we are focused on providing software services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

  • We believe it’s not just about delivering solutions, it’s also about delivering top quality solutions within time and budget.
  • Our development and delivery processes help us closely monitor progress, increase predictability and plan better.

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