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The ultimate solution of projects, clients, leads and team management

WorkPel - Ultimate Project Manager is the best way to manage your projects, clients, leads and team members. You can easily collaborate with your team and monitor your work.


To learn more about the application please check all parts of this documentation. In this documentation, we'll describe different parts according to the screenshots.



You can create and manage your customers in clients section. 


List of Clients
  1. Create new client using the Add client button.
  2. Search the existing clients which already added in this application.
  3. To see the details information of the client click on the Company name link.
  4. If you need to edit the client's information you can do it using the edit button.
  5. To delete the client use the delete button. Once you click on the button, the system will delete the client and you will have a chance to undo the action within 10 seconds. If you don't undo the action, the system will delete the client permanently and you will not be able to revert the client anyway!
Add new client
  1. The company name is an organization you or your organization works for. Even if your client is a person you have to add the information as a company. After creating any client you can add contacts of that client.
  2.  You can define different currency for different clients. It's useful when you are working with a foreign client which currency symbol is different from your default currency symbol. By default the invoices of the client will be generated using the default currency symbol if you don't define any currency symbol with that specific client.
Client Details


  1. Click on the Edit button to edit any information of the client.
  2. The contacts tab contains the list of contacts of the client. You can add one or more contact by clicking on the Add contact button.
  3. To send an invitation to any user for the client, use the Send invitation button.
  4. Projects tab contains all projects of the client.
  5. Invoices tab contains all invoices of the client.
  6. Payments tab contains all payments of the client.
  7. Tickets tab contains all tickets of the client.
  8. To delete any contact from the client, use the delete button. Once you delete any contact you can undo the action within 10 seconds. If you don't undo the action the contact will be deleted from the client permanently and the contact will not be able to login in the client portal.

You can create and manage your projects here.


List of Projects
  1. Create new project using the Add project button.
  2. To see the details information of the project click on the project title link.
  3. By default the deadline color is black. If the deadline expires by today then the deadline color will be changed to orange and all expired deadline will be red color for non-completed projects.
  4. The progress bar indicates the total progression of the project. To generate this progress bar, we calculate the total completed and non-completed tasks. The tasks points are important to calculate the progression.
    Example: If there are 10 tasks with 1 point in each tasks, the project's total point will be 10. Whenever 5 of the tasks gets completed (Task status = Done), the total progress of the project will be (5*100)/10 = 50%.
    Same logic applied on the milestone progress bar.
  5. To filter the projects quickly, you can click on the radio buttons.
Project Details


  1. To track the project time you can use the Start time button. Once you click on the Start time button the timer will be turned on. When you want to stop tracking the time you have to click on the Stop timer button.
  2. The project progression chart represents the total progression of the project.
  3. You can see the total tasks status of the project from the chart.
  4. Activity timeline represents the project history. 
  5. To add new member in this project, click on the Add member button and select the user.

You can create and manage your Leads here.


Manage potential customers and followup their status. Auto collect leads form public estimate request. Add notes, files and events, easily convert leads into customer with all existing information.

You can create and manage your invoices from the Invoices menu.


List of Invoices
  1. Create new invoice using the Add invoice button.
  2. To see the details information of the invoice click on the invoice id link.
  3. The invoice status represents the different states of the invoice. By default any invoice will be create with Draft status. Once you sent the invoice to the client then the invoice status will be changed to Sent. Once you receive any payment the invoice status will be changed to Fully paid or Partially Paid
Invoice Details


  1. To add any item/product in the invoice, click on Add item button.
  2. If you want to edit the inserted item, you can click on the edit button of invoice item row.
  3. By clicking on delete button in invoice item row, you can delete the item from the invoice.
  4. To send a pdf copy of the invoice to the client, click on the Email invoice to client menu.
  5. You can download a pdf version of the invoice using the Download PDF menu.
  6. To edit any information in the invoice click on the Edit invoice menu under the Actions dropdown.
  7. By clicking on the Add payment button you will get a modal to add payment in the invoice.

In this application the expenses are located in under the Finance menu. Click on the Expenses menu to access the expenses page. Only admin and allowed team members can access the Expenses page. Admin can define the role of a member to access the expenses.

The expenses view represents a list of expenses. Admin can add new expense categories from the Settings section. 

In this application you can create any support ticket on behalf of your client or client can create any support ticket for himself. 


List of Tickets
  1. Create new ticket using the Add ticket button.
  2. To see the details information of the ticket click on the ticket title link.

Using this application you can manage your team members easily. 


There are two views for team members.

  1. Whenever you want to add a new team member in this application, you can send invitation to the users email. The user will get an email with the signup instructions.
  2. Instead of sending invitation to the team members, you can add any team member manually, using the Add member button.
  3. To view the details of any team member, click on the view details link.
Team member's Details

In team member’s details view, you can see the details information about any member at a glance. 

  1. The Timeline tab represents all the posts of the member.
  2. You can view or update the basic information of the member from the General Info tab.
  3. Manage social links from the Social Links tab.
  4. You can manage the login or access role from the the Accounts settings tab.
  5. The Job info tab represents the job title, salary and the other job related information.
  6. To see the details list of the member's attendance, check the Time cards tab.
  7. From the Leave tab, you can see the details leave history for the team member. 


All team members can send message to any team member. There are no restrictions to send messages for member to member. 

Admin can control the messaging rule between team members and clients. From the Client settings, admin can set who can communicate with the clients. Only the selected members will be allowed to send/receive message to/from the clients.

Whenever you receive any new message, a notification icon will be appeared in the top right section in the application.


The events page represents a calendar with all events. You can add new event in the calendar. Click on the calendar date to add any event on that specific date. You can define different colors for different events to make the view easier to see.

By clicking on any event, you can see the details information about that event.


There are two kinds of note in this application. In dashboard, you can save any quick note in Sticky Note. In this application all notes are private (Only you can see your notes).

There are other notes in the Notes page. You can add any private note here. If you add any note in any projects that notes also will be appeared in the notes list.

Timeline is a collaboration/conversation area of the team members. All team members can see this view. It's a best place to share any idea or files among the team members.


To share any file you can click on Upload File button or drag and drop files on the box. By default all file types are not supported to upload in the application. Admin can set the settings of accepted file formats in General Settings section.

The time cards section represents the attendance or total time log of each team members. Any team member can start clock from the dashboard by clicking on Clock In button. Once he/she clicks on the Clock In button the timer count starts. After clicking on the Clock Out button the timer stop counting the time for the team members. 


Admin or allowed members can add time manually for any team member.

If admin wants to set any IP restriction for this module then he/she can set the allowed IP addresses in the IP Restriction Settings Section Under the Settings menu. Admin users are not applicable for this restriction. The admins are allowed to access the time card Clock In/Out from any IP address. The system will check the IP address of the non-admin team members. 

This application allows the leave management facility for the team members. The team member can apply for leave and the admins or superiors can approve/reject the leave application.

Admins and superiors can assign leave for subordinates. Admin can create various leave types from the Leave types Setting. 

This application provides the announcement publishing feature. The admins and selected team members can create new announcement for team members and/or clients. 

The published announcement will be appeared in dashboard of each user. Once the user clicks on the announcement then it will not be appear in dashboard again. But the users can see the announcement from the Announcements menu anytime.

The application has various types of settings to make suitable according to your work. Here are some basic introductions about the settings.



You can customize the app notifications. Please have a look at Settings>Notification setting. There are options for email and web notification for all events. You can enable both or as you prefer.


Notifications are not working?

Please make sure you are using latest version of OpenSSL. You can check the OpenSSL version and released date in your server from phpinfo. If you don't know how to check the phpinfo just add a php file (phpinfo.php) in your server inside the WorkPel directory: Then browse the file from your browser. Like as If you can't update the OpenSSL, please contact to your hosting service provider.

Please also keep in mind that you'll not get notifications for your own actions.

Thanks again to showing interest in this application. We are trying to add and improve new features regularly. Hopefully you'll enjoy using the app. If you have any query or suggestion, please send an email to

Best wishes
WhitePel Team